About Us


WTBDC, which is based in Turkey, operates as a Business Council. It aims to ensure the integration of trade between cntries with its activities all over the world.

Our aim is to identify and manage trade and investment lunges both from Turkey to abroad, and abroad to Turkey. Increasing the share of Turkey in international trade activities in the world is among our biggest goals.

In addition to our aims, WTBDC is a commissioned institution that carriers out international economic relations of the Turkish Private sector, especially in terms of trading, international investments, services, contracting and logistics, researching investment opportunities both in Turkey and abroad, contributing exports of Turkey to increase it, and coordinating related business development efforts.

With all these aspects, WTBDC has undertaken the task of exuting the foreign economic relations of the Turkish private sector”, and is a voluntary business diplomacy organization formed by Turkey's leading entrepreneurs and business representatives, together with its founding institutions, members and Business Councils.

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