Mission / Vision


WTBDC, which aims to contribute to the formation of a social order that adopts the understanding of competitive market economy, sustainable development and participatory democracy, has determined the following missions to achieve these goals:

To provide opinions to public institutions and organizations when necessary.

To enable companies to deepen their existing markets and reach new markets.

Organizing national and international events.

To produce and apply strategies and policies regarding international economic relations.

To generate knowledge and information in relation to business world needs in international economic relations.

To attract foreign investors to conduct investments in Turkey.

To help private sector expand its national, regional and global interaction networks.

To organize training programs in relation to increase institutional capacities for companies in line with their goals of becoming a global player.

To carry out activities that support public diplomacy and provide benefits in the development of bilateral and multilateral social relations.

Representing the Turkish business world in international and multinational organizations.

Lobbying on behalf of the cntry on international platforms.


The aim of WTBDC is to crt relationship with all cntries of the world in line with the interests of Turkey, and to carry out lobbying activities by carrying these relations to commercial and political fields.

Our aims are:

To initially achieve Turkey's interests in a regional basis, and then to ensure that Turkey has a say in world trade.

To ensure that Turkey attains the desired level and reputation in the world, through activities as the Turkey Lobby.

To identify the problems and needs that our Council Members face and/or may encnter, to inform the relevant authorities about the solution proposals on these issues, and thus to represent the Turkish industry and businessmen.

To contribute to Turkey's economic, cultural and social structure in cooperation with regional, national and international institutions.

To provide training, organization and strategy support to council members for international competition as an institution that gathers them around a platform and represents them in the regional, national and international arena.

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