Ethical Values


- Wtbdc members, employees, wtbdc representatives act in accordance with the following ethical rules in their relations with members, each other and third parties.

- All kinds of work are done in a fair manner, in accordance with the law, paying attention to the values of generality and equality.

- It works with the awareness of being a constitutional public professional organization.

- During the decision-making and implementation process, the approach and decisions of the members and professional committees are evaluated and if necessary, a decision is taken by the assembly in a democratic environment with the work of the commission.

- All kinds of services and activities are treated in a way that will serve the mission and values of the chamber.

- With the awareness of the institution established for the benefit of the members, all kinds of work are carried out with the awareness of customer satisfaction-oriented member service.

- Relationships are carried out within the framework of the rules of courtesy, in a way that ensures mutual respect, reputation and trust.

- Constructive approaches are displayed in attitudes and behaviors, and solution-oriented activities are carried out.

- Acting honestly and impartially in the work done. Confidentiality regarding corporate and personal information is taken as a basis during and after the assignment.

- At every stage, attention is paid to transparency and information is provided and information is shared.

- Equality of opportunity is provided to all parties involved in all kinds of assignments, employment and personal development, and activities carried out.

- All points of view from the point of view of mental creativity are respected.

- It acts with a sense of duty and responsibility towards the society. It is ensured that the necessary decisions are taken and implemented in a correct and timely manner with consistency.

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