Co Development


By organizing international events WTBDC aims to develop cooperation between Turkey and other cntries and sectors and to increase the bilateral trade volume.

At their events, high-level representatives from Turkey and other cntries, politicians, business world representatives, business people, entrepreneurs,

WTBDC which brings together academics and representatives of non-governmental organizations, works to crt quality jobs and cooperation.

WTBDC strives to establish collaborations with international organizations and to crt new opportunities for the Turkish business world through cooperation and studies.

WTBDC, which aims to carry out activities focused on competence as well as activity, WTBDC, which carries out strategy development studies on issues within the scope of foreign economic relations,

With the reports, publications and studies it prepares, it sheds light on the foreign economic relations of the Turkish business world.

In this framework, competence capacities such as service exports, mutual investments, and increasing the export and financing capacities of SMEs, which are within the scope of foreign economic relations,

Continuously renewing its corporate initiatives to crt and develop according to the changing conditions of the age, WTBDC provides these functions,

It is to carry out through the Working Groups formed among the experienced staff of the General Secretariat and WTBDC members.

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