WTBDC Protocol (WTP)



We shape the future by using blockchain technologies for a brighter future. wtbdc protocol world-spanning power.


The wtbdc protocol builds trust because it represents a shared record of truth. Data that anyone can believe in helps power other emerging technologies that increase efficiency, transparency and trust.


International trade is changing with the effect of the wtbdc protocol. It provides a healthy structure to the supply chain. It provides time, cost, transparency, speed, opening the way for high-volume trade and management.


wtbdc protocol enables to crt secure business processes on sustainability and ethical issues of export, produces less bureaucracy and paperwork, aims to perform in a secure and international transaction sytem


The parties in the wtbdc protocol supply chain become interconnected by smart contracts between them. Security and reliability in the fruit and vegetbl supply chain, which is an important component of the food industry, will undoubtedly increase.


wtbdc protocol provides e-commerce platforms with all levels of security, including data and wallet security. On the e-commerce platform, it does not want customers to share their private data during the purchase process. It provides fast, secure and easy shopping.


With wpfremawork development tools and libraries, wtbdc protocol can be integrated into your own infrastructure. It is among our plans for the first quarter of 2024.


With wpapi, it aims to crt a new core dimension of international trade. It allows the use of the wtbdc protocol for inter-application integration. It is among our plans for the second quarter of 2024.


Use crypto currency (wp) with wpcard for purchases. You can use your card for all online purchases. It is among our plans for the fourth quarter of 2024.

The new dimension of international trade
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